Students try out latest forensic science technologies

Public Services students have recently been witness to some of the latest forensic science technologies within the industry.

Equipment used was supplied by WA Products and Scenesafe Evidence Recovery Systems, who provide emergency services with their equipment across the globe. The three devices introduced to students included a tablet remote multi spectral imaging device, a non-contact mobile multi spectral imaging device and an oblique multi spectral imaging box.

Shaun Roberts, Group Technical, Research and Development Lead for Scenesafe, said: “Learners have been introduced to the Foreign Scope Tablet, the world’s first mobile multispectral UV/VIS IR image device. We only supply proven equipment into the law enforcement, military and academia markets and are proud to be working with Barnsley College.”

Nicholas Lawton, Head of Public Services at Barnsley College, added: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our learners to witness a demonstration using the latest technology on how to find DNA and blood at crime scenes. This particular piece of equipment has only been used in China, only a handful of organisations in the UK have had the opportunity to view this equipment in action.”

Last updated: 16th February 2017

Originally posted on: 16th February 2017