Teatime for Catering students

Our Catering and Hospitality students enjoyed a morning of tea tasting from industry expert Origins Fair.

Staff from Origins Fair were invited into the College’s Open Kitchen restaurant to exhibit their products and talk about their roles within the catering business. The tea business produces over 50 variety of teas ranging from Bakewell Tart and Melon to Peppermint, Spicy Chai and the classic English Tea.

The students took the opportunity to learn about the origins of tea and how the product became a household item. The highlight of the morning came when students had the chance to taste and smell the variety of tea.

Elizabeth Foster, 17, of Goldthorpe is a Culinary Skills Level 1 student. She said: “I really enjoyed the tea tasting and insight into the tea industry. I want to become a chef so it is really important for me to understand how ingredients are sourced.”

Louis Dobson, Director of Origins Fair, added: “The lesson I held for the students helped them to understand the education of tea and the processes associated within the catering industry. There were lots of fresh-faces enthusiastic to learn more about the industry.”

Last updated: 1st March 2018

Originally posted on: 1st March 2018