Top five reasons to join Barnsley Sports Academy

Here are the top five reasons you should join Barnsley Sports Academy now:

1. Variety of Sports

Our sports performance academies include Football (Male and Female), Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Refereeing, Cricket and an Individual Athlete Academy.

2. Elite Sport Bursary

The Sports Academy is committed to supporting elite athletes, combining sporting and academic excellence, and has a number of Sports Bursaries to award to our elite athletes who meet specific criteria.

You don’t have to be studying sport to apply for an Elite Sports Performer Bursary – all students are welcome.

3. Coaching Staff

Coaching plays a crucial role in ensuring the ongoing success of Barnsley Sports Academy alongside other key performance support services such as Sports Science, Performance and Health and Fitness.

4. Facilities

You will train at our Honeywell Sports campus which has facilities including a 3G pitch, a multi-use games area, indoor sports arenas, two gyms and a fitness studio.

5. Socialising

By joining a team, you’re statistically highly likely to meet others who have similar interests to you!


Last updated: 9th February 2018

Originally posted on: 8th February 2018