Visitors raise student awareness of transgender visibility

Transgender visitors

Jess Ryan (third from left) and Ashleigh Lee (right) with our students.

Our Childcare and Education students have increased their knowledge of the transgender community by hearing the accounts of two guest speakers.

Ashleigh Lee and Jess Ryan, both of Halifax, visited us to share their experiences of undergoing gender reassignment.

The pair explained the journey that they have undertaken and answered questions from the students about their lives and the issues they have faced.

Student Tegan Francis, 16, of Tudor Street, Goldthorpe, said: “The visit allowed me to learn exactly what being transgender means. Ashleigh and Jess told us about the gender reassignment process and the impact on them.

“We also heard about how people react differently to transgender people, the things people say to them and the effect this has.”

Ashleigh said: “Education is key in building people’s understanding of the transgender community and hearing our stories gave the students valuable knowledge about the transgender community, who are often a misrepresented group. The students were very interested in what we had to say and prepared some excellent questions for us.”

Jess added: “Activities such as speaking to the students are an important part of getting the word out about the lives of transgender people. People can experience very different reactions from family members and friends and educating young people is vital in breaking down misconceptions.”

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Last updated: 29th March 2018

Originally posted on: 29th March 2018