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What can I do with a Music degree?

Two people working in a music recording studio.

Choosing to study a creative arts subject means you will have a higher education experience rich in practical projects, with an extensive list of career prospects to choose from when you complete your studies.

Below are some of the different career paths you could take after completing a Music undergraduate programme.

Directly related career options include

  • Musician

Musicians create and/or perform music in a variety of genres. Composers, instrumentalists or singers perform either in the studio or before a live audience.

  • Music Therapist

Music Therapists use music to address and deal with a range of personal and social difficulties. They use a range of music practices to explore their clients’ experiences and help them to express themselves in a way that may be easier than directly talking about it.

  • Teacher

Music Teachers can work within primary, secondary, further and higher education, teaching music disciplines to all ages and abilities through an education provider or privately.

  • Sound Technician

Sound Technicians assemble, operate and maintain the technical equipment used to record, amplify, enhance, mix or reproduce sound.

  • Community Arts Worker

Community Arts Workers promote artistic activities to local groups and individuals to support their development and improve their quality of life.

  •  Radio Broadcast Assistant

Radio Broadcast Assistants provide vital support in the development, production and running of local and national radio.

  • Radio Producer

Radio Producers are responsible for the audio content of broadcasts. They work with broadcasting assistants, presenters and DJs, engineers and IT staff throughout the entire process, from generating ideas to managing the audience response after a programme.

  • Broadcast Engineer

Broadcast Engineers work with hardware and broadcast systems that are used across television, radio and new media. Among other duties, engineers ensure programmes are broadcast on time and to the highest quality.

Indirectly related career options include:

  • Arts Administrator

An Arts Administrator manages activities and projects provided by a range of organisations in the arts sector. These include arts festivals and centres; local authorities and arts councils; theatres, galleries and museums.

  • Event Manager

Event Managers have responsibility for creating, producing and running a range of events including music festivals and performances.

  • Theatre Stage Manager

Theatre Stage Managers coordinate all aspects of a theatre company to ensure the successful delivery of performances.

Whatever career you choose, you can feel secure in the fact that Barnsley College Higher Education will provide you with all the essential skills to flourish in your chosen industry.

Find out more about the Popular Music BA (Hons) offered at Barnsley College.

Last updated: 9th October 2019

Originally posted on: 9th September 2019

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