XPO Logistics moves employees to the next level

Clifford Williams, 42, is working towards a Level 2 Warehousing and Storage Apprenticeship with XPO Logistics and Barnsley College.

Already employed at the ASOS site in Grimethorpe, Clifford felt he needed more of a challenge. One of the team leaders suggested that an apprenticeship would suit Clifford ‘down to the ground’.

“I must admit I was a bit sceptical about doing it but with this apprenticeship I am earning a decent wage while learning valuable skills on the job. XPO Logistics is committed to apprentices and sees them as the future of the business.”

“So far the apprenticeship has been very informative and I’ve found the theoretical side of it really interesting. With an apprenticeship you get a whole different perspective of how a business works. You get to look at things from the angle of the team leader, from the admin department and from many other points of view – it is a real mind opener.”

“I will have completed my Level 2 apprenticeship by next March. What I want out of this is to progress professionally. I see it as a fast track to a higher position. Of course there are no guarantees that I will secure a higher position but I believe you get out of it what you put in.”

David Taylor, apprenticeship development trainer, said: “Clifford is doing really well. He is a strong character with great potential to climb the career ladder. He is very supportive of his colleagues and demonstrates a real enthusiasm for learning.”

If your business would like to employ an apprentice, contact the Work Based Learning department on +44 (0)1226 216 166 or email employer@barnsley.ac.uk.

Last updated: 12th August 2015

Originally posted on: 12th August 2015

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