You can make a difference!

Could you spare a couple of hours to help clean-up Barnsley town centre? The Safer Neighbourhood Service, part of Barnsley Council, is looking for students to volunteer their time and keep Barnsley borough looking beautiful.

Whatever your previous experience as a volunteer you’ll meet new people, gain skills and do something good for you and your community.

Alex Higham, part of the University Campus Barnsley Quality and Registry team, said: “I took part in a recent volunteering opportunity with Barnsley Council. It was a clean-up event where members of the local community volunteered to help clean up the town centre. It is a brilliant opportunity to meet some fantastic people and give back to our community by ensuring a better tomorrow.

“This is a great event for students to get involved in by helping to keep our borough looking beautiful. Giving back to worthy causes like this not only makes you feel good, it also goes a long way to impressing potential employers and enhancing university applications.”

If you would like to volunteer please contact Alex Higham by calling 01226 216 451 or emailing

Last updated: 12th September 2018

Originally posted on: 12th September 2018