Music and Performing Arts

Reasons to join us at Barnsley College

  1. The Electric Theatre is our purpose-made 250 capacity venue with great facilities, where many productions are held. Students have the opportunity to learn their skills in a real theatre environment.


  2. Students have the opportunity to work collaboratively to create new and innovative group projects with peers and tutors.

  3. Our courses are taught by expert tutors who have extensive experience in the music and performance industry.

  4. We have practice rooms with top of the range Roland electronic drum kits.

  5. Students have the opportunity to perform at external events including the college’s most prestigious event of the year, the Excellence Awards.

  6. Students have access to industry standard equipment and software including Pro Tools HD professional standard recording studios, Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase.

  7. Our courses encompass a range of modules including composing music and live performance which is showcased in students’ collaboration activities.

All students have access to:

What next?

Studying Music or Performing Arts will enable you to develop skills for a range of careers such as: Musician, Sound Technician, Recording Studio Manager, Actor, Events Manager, Choreographer, Music/Drama Therapist or Theatre Director.