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Reading and Note-taking

Tips on Reading

Reading Techniques:

  • Skimming – Helps you to read quickly to get the gist of the text. It can also help you decide if the text is worth reading in detail.
  • Scanning – Scanning helps you to find specific information such as names, dates, specific words etc.
  • Careful reading – Careful reading is when you read every word of a paragraph, chapter or book.

Reading Selectively:

  • Use the reading list
  • Select the latest information
  • Select the most relevant information
  • Select by reliability
  • Select by amount

Download this file for more in-depth information on: Reading Techniques

Download this file for information on: Strategies for Reading Journal Articles

The SQ3R Strategy

SQ3R is a tried and tested study strategy. It not only helps you understand and remember but can also help you identify the information you need to write an assignment.

SQ3R is an acronym which stands for

Survey (or Skim)
Recite (or Recall)

The reason why SQ3R is so popular is because it works! Try it and see for yourself… How to use the SQ3R strategy

Cottrell, S. (2008) The study skills handbook, (3rd ed) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan


Below is a document which has helpful information on using abbreviations when note taking.


The Cornell Note Taking Method is really useful when taking notes during classes and lectures, as well as when doing your own research.  The printable PDF below explains how to use the Cornell method, and the link will take you to a website which has images to help you to understand how to create a note-taking template based on the Cornell method.

PDF: cornellsystem

Link: http://coe.jmu.edu/learningtoolbox/cornellnotes.html

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