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When completing an assignment you must always show the sources of your ideas.  This must be carried out in two ways.  Firstly, in the body of your writing every idea should have a short reference (citation – author, date, page) then at the end you will have a list of references entitled either ‘Reference List’ or ‘Bibliography’.  Some tutors will request both. This list should be in alphabetical order by author. If there is no named author e.g. Jane Smith, then the organisation becomes the author e.g. Marks and Spencer or the BBC.

The term ‘Reference List’ means that the list contains a full reference to every idea cited in the assignment.  ‘Bibliography’ is in the same format as the ‘Reference List’ except that it also contains sources not referred to in the assignment but from which you drew inspiration or which helped you to develop your understanding of the topic.  It also usually contains the references listed in the Reference List.  Your tutor should advise you as to whether both lists are needed or just a Reference List.  Always ask if you are unsure.

Please check your course handbook to ensure that you use the correct style of referencing for your course.

Below are the full and quick versions of the referencing guides that you may need:

Check with your tutor or in your course handbook which of these referencing guides is required for your course.

Huddersfield APA 7th Ref Guide Full 2020 Leeds Trinity APA 7th full PDF final version Aug 2020 Leeds Trinity Harvard Full Guide Hull Harvard Referencing 2022b
Quick Guide Harvard Hull new Sheffield Hallam APA Quick Guide Barnsley College Quick Guide Introductory Phrases for references

Referencing Basics – The Four Ws of referencing

Four Ws

All references are comprised of four key components:

  1. Who? – Author (s), Editor, Website,
    Company, Government
  2. When? – date it was published
  3. What? – Title of book, article, webpage etc.
  4. Where? – Place of publication e.g. city/publisher, URL of webpage, journal title with volume details and page numbers

Many students ask if there is a quick way to put their reference list in alphabetical order of author. There is a tool on Word labelled AZ

Ensure there is one paragraph space between each reference, highlight the whole reference list and click the AZ button. A box will open

Ensure that the word Paragraphs is in the ‘Sort by’ section and click ok. Your reference list should now be in alphabetical order of author. If it isn’t, click the ‘Undo’ button at the top left of the page to put your reference list back the way it was. The most likely reason for the AZ function mixing up your reference list is that there was no space between each reference, so look again at your list and make sure you have hit the return key after each reference on your list before using the AZ tool. Here is a quick video from the Swansea University Library to illustrate

It also shows you how to use a hanging indent for APA 7th. However, this is unnecessary for Huddersfield APA 7th or Hull Harvard as they justify all references to the left margin, but Leeds Trinity prefer reference lists to have a hanging indent.

Tip: Always use the referencing guide specific to your course.

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