Student Voice

The Barnsley College Student Voice Team exists so that you have someone to listen to your concerns, interests and needs. We want you to get the very best out of your educational experience and our activities give you the opportunity to gain essential life skills.

Here at Barnsley College we are committed to putting the needs of students first and student voice activities are designed to give students a direct involvement in assessing and shaping their own learning experience.

What we do

Curriculum and Service Forums

Barnsley College and Barnsley Sixth Form College students can access a Curriculum Forum and a Service Forum every term. Curriculum Forums allow students to voice their opinions about their course. Service Forums allow students to voice their opinions about ANYTHING cross College.

Speak to a Member of Staff

Speak to a Member of Staff is an online form for students who need to speak to someone about an issue, but aren’t quite sure who they need to speak to.

Support Surgeries

Support Surgeries are where students can come to speak to someone in IT, Catering or LTU (Moodle, MyDay) if they are having any issues.

You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did is a way for us to keep students up to date with changes cross College, based on what they’ve told us. You Said, We Did is a collection of cross College posters, postcards to the students who raised the issue and updates on Moodle.

Students’ Union Committee

The Students’ Union (SU) is a constituted student body that is run by an elected student body. The aims of the union were devised by the 12/13 outgoing committee and agreed by the current committee and are;

  • Student Voice – representing students is the core of the union
  • Student Rights – promote and protect the rights of students
  • Student Opportunity and Employability – provide chances to expand skills
  • Student Democracy – enabling students to develop citizenship and democracy
  • Student Lifestyle – the Union is the heartbeat of College life
  • Student Green and Ethical Aspirations – reducing environmental impact and social campaigning

The SU Committee are elected student representatives that work on behalf of the College community of students. They have their own dedicated Student Union space located in the atrium on the lower ground floor at the Old Mill Lane campus. The SU Committee roles include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • LGBTQIA+ Officer
  • Women’s Officer
  • Activity and Welfare Officer
  • Apprenticeships and Education Officer
  • BME Officer

For further information please contact the Student Voice Team in Student Services
Tel: 01226 216 611
Meet the Student Voice Team

Last updated: 10th September 2021