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Before you apply for Higher Education

Choosing your course

There are several ways that you can research our courses, so that you make the choice that is right for you:

Mature Students

Studying for a degree later in life can be highly rewarding and our mature students are among some of our most successful. At Barnsley College, we are committed to extending opportunities to all adults who have a desire to succeed in higher education.

For students without the necessary qualifications, Barnsley College runs accredited Access to Higher Education courses, tailored to specific subject areas, as a route for adult learners to enter university.

Advice for Parents and Guardians

Going onto higher education is an important time for any your person. As a parent or guardian it’s natural to have questions about your son or daughter’s progress into higher education.

You will find a wealth of information and advice on the UCAS Parents and Guardians webpage. You can also sign up to receive a UCAS monthly parent newsletter.

If you have specific questions about studying higher education at Barnsley College you will be able to speak to us at one of our Open Days or UCAS Higher Education Conventions.

Your Rights under Consumer Law

This guide is for prospective and current UK undergraduate students. The focus of the guide is on your rights under consumer protection law in relation to the provision of educational services.

Undergraduate students – your rights under consumer law

Last updated: 11th July 2024

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