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Simon Perryman

Barnsley College Corporation (often referred to as the Board, or Governing Body) is an independent Further Education (FE) Corporation, established under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (the Act).

The Board of Governors comprises a maximum of 18 members from a range of backgrounds, drawn from the community that the College serves. The membership and composition of the governing body ensures that it has the benefit of views from both the local and the business community, together with its students and staff.

The main business of the Board is to determine the educational character and mission of the College and to ensure its overall wellbeing. It is responsible for the quality of service to its students and for their welfare, the financial health of the College, the proper use of public funds and for ensuring effective management. It also has the responsibility for setting and monitoring targets for the retention and achievement of students, ensuring that students achieve their learning goals and enjoy their experience at the College.

The role of a Governor is voluntary and may be compared to that of a non–executive director of the board of a public company. Whilst the Board of a company is accountable to its shareholders, the Board of Governors is accountable to the public and as such is responsible for making sure the funds it receives from the relevant funding bodies are used in accordance with appropriate regulations and the Financial Memorandum. As such both the College and the Board must have due regard to the educational policies of national government.

The legal powers of the Board reside with the Board as a whole and not with individual governors. The skills, expertise and experience of individual governors are crucial to the effectiveness and success of the College.

Simon Perryman
Chair of Governors

Last updated: 17th May 2022

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