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Public Services

Reasons to join us at Barnsley College

  1. You can take part in simulated activities with public services providers, such as National Health Service, Fire Service, Police and the Army.

  2. Our staff all have experience in the uniformed services giving you the very best tuition, advice and help to achieve your goals.

  3. You can study Criminology in Barnsley up to Level 6 by progressing to a degree at Barnsley College University Centre which means that there is something on offer for those who are just starting their career as well as those who are looking to specialise.

  4. All students have access to Additional Learning Support (ALS). Find out how the ALS department supported Abbie Williams.

  5. The Public Services department is based in our Honeywell Sports campus. Visit our Campus page to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and take a 360 campus tour.

All students have access to:

Did you know?

You will study in our simulated crime scene area with industry standard forensic equipment such as crime scene tape, evidence envelopes, fingerprint Kit and white suit, mask and shoe coverings.

Student in CSI outfit dusting for finger prints.

What next?

See the Public Services pathways to find out what study programmes we offer.

Studying Public Services with us will enable you to develop skills for a range of careers in areas such as: The Ambulance Service, Law and the legal system, National Health Service (NHS), the Prison Service, The Fire Service, the Armed Forces and the Police Force.

See what careers are available in the Public Services sector.

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