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HADO Workshops

Group of people playing HADO (AR game)

Ever tried your hand at Augmented Reality (AR)? Want to wield energy balls and protect your life cells without leaving the room?

Come play HADO with us!

HADO is the world’s first techno sport which combines sport and gaming using AR technology and creates a whole new dimension to the world of sports as we know it.

It is a unique sport that can be played by anyone, young or old, able or physically challenged. It can be played just for fun and at a competitive level.

HADO uses AR technology to project a layer on top of the real world as opposed to Virtual Reality which creates a fully digital world.

In HADO, players can actually see their real world surroundings and move freely without being tied to a gaming system, controllers, or cables, while interacting with the digital items they can see through the AR headset.

HADO workshops are available to purchase for corporate away days, team building sessions and birthday parties. Use the links below to register your interest and request more information from an expert:

Book HADO for your team or upcoming party – HADO Interest Form

Our launch offer is currently £120 p/hour for up to 12 players. The price includes full use of the HADO arena and support from a HADO expert.

Last updated: 24th April 2023

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