Apprenticeship training provides your business with enthusiastic employees who are keen to learn and train in the most up to date skills and techniques used in industry.

We offer over 80 apprenticeship pathways across all industries and sectors.

Most apprentices usually spend one day per week in College, where they will train using specialist, industry standard equipment, and learn the theory and knowledge required to qualify in their chosen area.

The remaining four days per week are spent within your business, putting these newly developed skills to work and learning from your people. In some cases, training and theory work can take place within the workplace without the need for the apprentice to come into College. This is subject to criteria.

Apprentices must be aged 16 and over, however there is no upper age limit and you can even place your existing staff on to apprenticeship training programmes. You will pay your apprentice a salary whilst they are training, currently this is a minimum of £3.70 per hour for apprentices aged between 16-18 years old.

Many of our apprenticeship courses are free of charge, however training costs can be affected by the programme of study, the age of the apprentice and changing government legislation. Please contact the Business Development team on 01226 216 166 or email for the latest information.

Last updated: 13th August 2018