Apprenticeships for your business

Apprenticeship training provides your business with enthusiastic employees who are keen to learn and train in the most up-to-date skills and techniques used in industry.

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience with off-the-job training. This means that your business benefits from a workforce that has the right blend of practical experience, skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeships are flexible training programmes which mix:

  • Assessment and training in the workplace.
  • Teaching in the classroom/workshop.
  • Exams and practical assessments.

Some programmes can even be delivered in the workplace, minimising the amount of time employees are away from their job.

Available on three levels, anyone can complete an apprenticeship programme, regardless of age or experience, from school leavers to management teams. You can even enrol your existing employees.

Our apprenticeships

Currently, we offer over 100 apprenticeship pathways.

Benefits to businesses

Apprentices have been proven to bring a number of key benefits to organisations including:

  • Planned growth – Apprenticeships provide the most cost effective route when planning for your business.
  • Increased productivity – Apprentices are trained with the right skills and knowledge for the job, enabling them to work efficiently and effectively in your business.
  • Easy staff recruitment processes which result in a high staff retention rate.
  • Higher employee satisfaction – Apprentices are highly motivated people who are keen to learn, progress and get the most from their job.

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Last updated: 23rd October 2020