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Meet the Industry Placements team

Our Staff Members



Gail McCarthy: Industry Placement Team Leader

Joining Barnsley College in 2019, I have had the privilege of working with many departments across college, contributing to the college’s mission of providing quality Industry Placements to all of our T Level students. I support the team of dedicated Industry Placement Coordinators to work alongside all students as they embark on their educational journey, bridging the gap between academia and industry through our T Level Industry Placements.

We have great partnerships with employers across the region such as Barnsley Football Club, KMF Training Solutions Ltd, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, ARM Ltd, Masonite, Rapid Response Telecoms and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to name but a few.

We also support various college departments to engage with employers for Apprenticeship and Work Placement opportunities.

Contact Gail by emailing g.mccarthy@barnsley.ac.uk


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Kelly Hall: Industry Placement Coordinator for Digital and Creative Industries

I joined the Industry Placement team back in 2020. During my time here, I have consistently engaged with old and new employers hoping to give them a real insight into our T-Level programme and what we have to offer.

It is important to provide support to not only our students but to the businesses who are providing invaluable work experience. It is because of these partnerships built by myself and the rest of the team, that our students are work-ready when they leave us.

Contact Kelly by emailing K.hall@barnsley.ac.uk

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Eve Williamson: Industry Placement Coordinator for Engineering

I joined Barnsley College in 2020 and currently work with businesses to shape the next generation of talented Engineers through T Levels, work placements and Apprenticeship opportunities.

I’m passionate about people and helping them to achieve their dreams and ambitions. My role is to engage with businesses and inform them of different ways in which they can connect and create a partnership with Barnsley College and then match them to the student that best fits their requirements. I have also worked in the same capacity but within Art and Design and Construction departments.

Contact Eve by emailing e.williamson@barnsley.ac.uk

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Hayley Ogden: Industry Placement Coordinator for Construction

I joined Barnsley College in November 2022 and currently work with students who are studying various T Levels in Construction.

I work closely with companies to ensure we find the right student to fit their team and help students to develop and progress to form the next generation of the workforce. I ensure students find the right placement to help them prepare for university, higher apprenticeships or work.

Contact Hayley by emailing h.ogden@barnsley.ac.uk

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Leonie Allen: Industry Placement Coordinator for Construction

Joining Barnsley College’s Industry Placement team in 2023, I’ve thrived on building strong relationships with businesses.

My passion lies in connecting them with students who can help shape their future workforce. Specialising in construction, particularly in joinery, plumbing, and bricklaying, I’m dedicated to finding the perfect placements for both students and employers.

Together with my team, we ensure our students are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to excel in their chosen field, making them invaluable assets to the businesses they join.

Contact Leonie by emailing l.allen@barnsley.ac.uk

Savannah Gillow: Industry Placement Coordinator for Business and Accounting

I joined the Industry Placement team within Barnsley College in November 2021 and currently work sourcing Business and Accountancy T level placement opportunities.

I thrive on networking with new and existing businesses creating a great relationship between employers and Barnsley College. My colleagues and I ensure all our students have the best experience while on their T level placement and are ready for their future ahead.

Contact Savannah by emailing s.gillow@barnsley.ac.uk

Katie Whittaker: Industry Placement Coordinator for Business and Accounting

I joined Barnsley College in March 2023. I currently work with employers and students within the Business and Accountancy sector, facilitating T Level placements for our students giving them a positive and insightful start in their chosen career paths.

A part of my role is to support and inform businesses of how Barnsley College and it’s students can help innovate, develop and inspire their Company vision.

Contact Katie by emailing k.whittaker@barnsley.ac.uk

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Last updated: 13th May 2024

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