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Professional development

Continuing professional development is paramount to any growing business’ success. If you and your people are well trained and abreast of new technologies, techniques and innovations, you are best placed to take advantage of any opportunities as they arise and indeed make your own.

There are a range of organisational benefits to providing professional development opportunities to staff. These include supporting your workforce to:

  • develop confidence and credibility
  • progress and develop within your organisations
  • take on more, higher level responsibilities
  • cope positively with change
  • be more productive and efficient

Developing workforce expertise has many benefits, including:

  • improving customer service
  • helping to create a positive brand image among your customer base
  • improving staff morale and impacts positively on employee retention
  • enabling teams and individuals to work innovatively and generate improvements

Professional development can come in a variety of forms, and at Barnsley College we can support your organisation in a number of ways, including:

We can offer a formal, flexible training at a range of levels to help develop and recognise the skills and knowledge your team has.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation, as we will always look to develop alternative solutions to meet your individual needs, call the Business Development team on 01226 216 166 or email employer@barnsley.ac.uk

Last updated: 5th February 2019

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