Apprenticeships in Animal Care

We don't currently offer apprenticeships in this subject. Why not take a look at our Apprenticeship Department page to see everything that we do offer?

Careers in Animal Care

Careers in Animal Care

Studying Animal Care at Barnsley College will enable you to develop skills for a range of careers such as: Animal Welfare Officer, Zookeeper, Animal Nutritionist, Veterinary Nurse, Groom/Stable Hand.



Our Animal Care pathways

We have over 60

different species of animals!

All students have access to:

Student Profile

Taylor Clarke

Animal Management Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma Full Time

“Studying on a working farm is great and means that I get to work with a wide range of animals. The facilities are great and I’m really enjoying the practical aspects of my course.”

Wath Comprehensive School

Student Profile

Jessica Wilkinson

Animal Management Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma Full Time

“I had Barnsley College recommended to me and I’m so glad I did. The range of subjects I’m studying as part of my course means I’m getting to learn so much and I’m particularly enjoying the Zoology and Veterinary Nursing units.”

Darton College

Alumni Profile

Sophie Badger

Animal Management Level 3

“I loved my time at college. The teachers were really supportive and inspiring, and the facilities were great. I would recommend studying at Barnsley College as it is always looking for ways to keep improving.”

Animal Care Assistant at Broomhill Veterinary Practice

Reasons to join us at Barnsley College

Reason 1

Study at Wigfield Farm campus, a working farm and visitor attraction in Worsbrough.

Reason 2

We have over 60 species of animals including pigs, cows, goats, Shetland ponies, donkeys, meerkats, deer, alpacas, reptiles and many more.

Reason 3

You will gain work-related experience and possibly undertake a work placement as well as going on relevant field trips.

Reason 4

You can continue your studies by undertaking a Higher Education course at Barnsley College or other higher education establishment.