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Students take the limelight at Spring Show

6Our Animal Management and Horticulture students took centre stage at the Spring Show.

The Show, held at the Wigfield Farm campus in Worsbrough, was bustling with members of the public who came to see our students showcasing a range of animals, running interactive sessions and selling handmade items.

The day started with an Equine Show by Level 2 Animal Care (Practical Skills) students, which included walking the horses around the paddock to display their training skills and grooming to the public and judges.

student with horse

This was followed by Guinea Pig, Poultry and Rabbit showing from students across all levels, with them presenting the animals to compete in categorises, such as Best Handler, Chirpiest Chick and Fluffiest Guinea Pig!

student with gosling

Interactive sessions ran throughout the event, with students leading meet and greet sessions in the farm’s Exotics room, for the public to meet insects and reptiles including snakes, giant cockroaches, stick insects and geckos.

student with snake

The Animal Management Foundation Degree (FdSc) students used their handling experience to display some of the newest arrivals at the farm, which allowed the public to get up close to the spring lambs.

Higher Education student Eliza with Dolly the lamb

The final show was Sheep Showing from our Level 3 Animal Care (Practical Skills) students. The students displayed the sheep and showcased their grooming, halter training and animal behaviour.

students, with tutors and sheep

Horticulture students used their knowledge of plants and soil to create vibrant floral hanging baskets, bird boxes and insect houses which were sold at the event.

three students stood behind a table with homemade bee houses, bird boxes and hanging flower baskets

Animal charities, including Royston Hedgehog Rescue, Sheffield Cat Shelter, Thornberry Animal Sanctuary and Buttons Cat Rescue attended the event with promotional stalls to raise awareness of their relative charities.

Rhianna Webster, a current Level 3 Animal Care (Practical Skills) student, who took part in the Sheep Showing, said: “It’s been a great experience and the hard work we’ve all put in has paid off.

“My experience at the Spring Show will help me in the future, as I want to work with sheep, being a part of it this event was a really valuable experience – plus I came third place in Best Sheep Handler, which is amazing!”

Peter Wood, Head of Department for Land-based Industries at Barnsley College, added: “I am extremely proud of every student for their hard work, passion and determination. If I could, I would have given each of them an award!

“I’m overwhelmed by the level of support our students received from their friends, family and the local community. Thank you to everyone who visited and celebrated our students’ progress and achievements.”

Barnsley College offers a range of full and part-time vocational courses and apprenticeships in Animal Management and Horticulture. For more information and to apply for a course starting in September, visit the course pages or contact the Information Team by emailing info@barnsley.ac.uk or calling 01226 216 123.

Last updated: 18th March 2024

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