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HE Student Katy’s Paw-some Journey into Animal Management

Animal Management Foundation Degree student, Katy Key, with a snake in the Retile Room at Wigfield Farm

Animal Management Foundation Degree student, Katy Key, with a snake in the Retile Room at Wigfield Farm

Animal Management Foundation Degree student, Katy Key, with a snake in the Retile Room at Wigfield Farm

Animal Management Foundation Degree student, Katy Key, with a snake in the Retile Room at Wigfield Farm

Katy Key’s journey into Animal Management began back in 2021 when she joined the College to study for her Level 3 Animal Management Advanced Technical Diploma. Today, she is studying for her Animal Management Foundation Degree (FdSc) at Barnsley College University Centre.

We spoke to Katy and asked her about her time studying at our Wigfield Farm campus.

Why did you choose to study at Barnsley College?

The College offered the programme that I wanted to do after school and at university level. The course has a good mix of practical and theory sessions, allowing me to apply what I learned in the classroom to real-life experiences. I also chose this course because it allows me to expand my knowledge about caring for animals, as well as understanding more about their bodies and behaviours. Additionally, I knew the course would provide me with the opportunity to gain experience in working with a variety of species, including meerkats, reptiles, rabbits and birds. This variety ensures I am comfortable and experienced with handling and caring for a wide variety of species which is crucial when it comes to working with animals.

What do you most enjoy about your course?

The part I enjoy the most is the practical sessions in the course that provide me with the opportunity to work with a variety of animals and gain hands-on experience. I absolutely love the modules on anatomy and physiology because I get to take part in dissections and learn more about the processes that go on within the animal’s bodies and understand their bodies’ functions. I also find ecology an enjoyable part of the course because it provides me with the opportunity to relate more to wildlife and understand how much value it has within the ecosystem and the world as a whole.

What are your plans after completing your course?

After completing my foundation degree, I hope to progress onto a PGCE or a teaching course as my ultimate goal is to become an Animal Management teacher. It is my dream to inspire and motivate the next generation towards animal welfare and be as enthusiastic about animal welfare as I am.

Would you recommend the College to others and why?

I would recommend the College to everyone! The tutors and support staff at Wigfield Farm are respectful and very responsive. They are always there if you need any additional help and even offer one-on-one support sessions that you can book if you need to have an in-depth conversation with them. The tutors are very thorough in their lectures and always answer any questions you may have. This leaves you feeling confident that you are familiar with the content and that they are there to assist you if you are struggling.

What advice would you give to those thinking of studying Animal Management at Barnsley College or Barnsley College University Centre?

I would recommend that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the course you want to do and the modules within it, to ensure the course is the right fit for you. Additionally, it would be beneficial for you to try and do a bit of research on the course materials in advance, so you have some background knowledge to make it easier for yourself. I’d also say get yourself a planner and make sure you are organised to ensure you keep track of assignments and exams to stay on track and meet deadlines.


Study Animal Management at Barnsley College University Centre!

If you’d like to find out more about studying our Animal Management Foundation Degree (FdSc) in September 2024, contact our friendly and knowledgeable Information Team via phone on 01226 216 123 or via email info@barnsley.ac.uk. They’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the course and fees or provide advice about how to enrol.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to apply, visit the course page and apply via UCAS.

Last updated: 19th March 2024

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