Barnsley College is a vibrant and dynamic place that seeks to meet its statutory duties in a creative and forthright manner. The college creates an environment of respect and understanding, where everyone is an individual with unique needs and skills.

Equality and Diversity Report

This report seeks to provide assurance that equality and diversity at Barnsley College in 2016/17 has been a priority, permeating everything that we do, improving the lives of our students and not just existing in a world of good intentions.

Barnsley College Equality and Diversity Report 2016-17

Barnsley College Equality and Diversity Report 2015-16

Gender Pay Gap Report

Barnsley College is committed to equality of opportunity and to ensuring that staff are paid equally for doing the same work.

Any organisation employing 250 or more employees must publicly report on its gender pay gap. The gender pay gap shows the difference in the average and median earnings between all men and women in an organisation.

Final Gender Pay Gap Report




Last updated: 27th March 2018