What our staff say

Stacy Dyson

“Working at Barnsley College for almost eight years has brought me much pleasure and enjoyment. What stands out for me the most is the colleagues I work alongside, they are supportive and go above and beyond to ensure as a College we provide our students with the best experience possible.

“I would 100% recommend Barnsley College as a place to work because of the progression opportunities it provides. The College has encouraged me to develop academically through CPD and completing my teaching qualification. I also feel that service departments such as Human Resources are an asset to the College and provide outstanding support and guidance as and when required.”

Tutorial Team Leader for Foundation Learning.

Jacob Watson

“One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the team I work with and the College’s inclusivity. I feel like I’m a part of every decision and action that my department makes, and above all the staff are amazing. 

“The College has taught me so much and supported me all the way through my journey. Because of the College I have been able to study different qualifications and advance my personal progression.”

Work Placement Officer for Childcare and Education Professions and Health, Science and Social Care Professions departments.

Moz Khokhar

“I feel that I have a lot to give back to Barnsley College because I studied here.  My tutors had excellent expertise in Art and Design, which equipped me with skills and knowledge to study further and go into the creative industry.  

“Whilst I was a student at Barnsley College I received support from staff, which encouraged me to progress in my chosen field. As a tutor I would like my students to have the same positive experience and support as I did.”

Tutor for Art and Design


Last updated: 26th March 2020