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We are committed to supporting our students’ personal, social and professional development. We deliver a range of enrichment opportunities which have previously included guest speakers, mindfulness sessions, music workshops and even live cookery classes.

Sessions fit around tutorials and are offered throughout the academic year, playing a vital role in your time here at College.

Read more about the initiatives and services offered by our Enterprise department.

Week of Culture

Ever wanted to go to the theatre, see a live music event or visit monuments around the world?

Here at Barnsley College we bring the world to you, by providing a range of opportunities that enable our students to explore heritage and culture.

In March, our annual Week of Culture highlights food, art , music, performance and people from around the world, allowing our students to get involved!

To find out more, click on the images below.

Students meet Educating Yorkshire star – Culture Week 2022

Crime and Justice Week

Our annual Crime and Justice Week is a week full of entertaining speakers, shocking stories, and inspirational journeys. Throughout your time at College, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Crime and Justice Week and hear some truly awe-inspiring stories, an insight into life inside a prison; on both sides of the bars, and learn about potential career opportunities available in this sector.

Wellbeing Week

This week focuses on the wellbeing of students in the form of a College wide event that takes place over a full week. Activities and workshops take place around all sites of the College for students to get active, creative and focusing on their wellbeing!

Pride Week

Every year,  students can take part in the Barnsley College Pride Week which looks at workshops, activities and events to raise awareness and funds for our LGBTQIA+ Society.


Last updated: 8th December 2023

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