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Report Abuse in Education

We recognise the potential for abuse between young people, especially in the context of a College setting, face-to-face or online. All staff are vigilant to the signs of what is called peer-on-peer abuse, including those between young people who are not currently attending our provision, and report any concern, no matter how small, to the central Safeguarding Team.

We do not tolerate abuse of any kind.  College staff and the central Safeguarding Team are available to support students to make current and non-recent disclosures of abuse or neglect of any kind, including abuse in educational settings.

We’re here if you’re worried about something you’ve seen or heard, if you’re concerned for yourself or another student, or just looking for some advice.

There is also an independently run Report Abuse in Education dedicated helpline.  The helpline is run by the NSPCC and is free and anonymous for children and young people who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment at school and/or College or for adults or professionals who need support and guidance.  Whether it’s happening now or it happened in the past, you can call Report Abuse on 0800 136 663 or email help@nspcc.org.uk

In addition, the government has recently launched a ‘Let’s Stop Abuse Together’ campaign aimed at stopping child sexual abuse and empowering parents/carers and professionals to keep children safe from abuse, in any setting.  This includes support for adults who may have been sexually abused when they were younger.  If you have any concerns at all about your safety or wellbeing and/or you are worried about another student, staff and the central Safeguarding Team are available to support you.  You can also contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or email help@nspcc.org.uk

Last updated: 1st June 2022

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