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Industry Placements: for businesses

An industry placement will transform your business

Support a young person to gain valuable work experience and start their career, whilst bringing fresh skills and an extra pair of hands into your workforce for up to 45 weeks, and at no cost to your business.

If you would like to give one of our Industry Placement team members a call to discuss how we could help your business, visit this page.

Carl Britton of Whitshaw Builders Ltd.

“We have offered our second industry placement an apprenticeship, he’s a top lad that wouldn’t have been successful any other route due to lack of experience. He’s shown that he has fundamental qualities that employers wouldn’t be able to assess accurately through any other classic assessment, such as an interviews. It really is an opportunity for both students and employers.” – Carl Britton, Organisation Manager at Whitshaw Builders Ltd.

What are the benefits to your business?

  • Access a talent pool of employees to expand your workforce at no cost to your business.
  • Reduce recruitment costs (industry placements are a cost effective way of employing your workforce).
  • Address skills shortages within your organisation.
  • Enhance the personal development, motivation and productivity of your existing employees through providing mentoring and management opportunities.
  • Provide an extra pair of hands within the business.
  • Diversify your employee skillset.
  • Help to develop a young person, start their career and integrate them into your business.

Industry placements: a guide for employers

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Can you offer an industry placement opportunity?

Barnsley College has a number of full-time students who are keen to gain first-hand experience of the working environment, which often leads to an apprenticeship or employment opportunity.

If you’re interested in providing a placement please complete the form below, email industryplacements@barnsley.ac.uk or call 01226 216 709.

Further information

Industry placements are part of the newly implemented T Levels offered as an alternative education route for people aged 16+.

Alongside learning specific industry core theory, concepts and specialist skills and knowledge at Barnsley College, students are required to undertake 315 hours of work experience within an industry setting over a minimum of 45 weeks, typically running one day per week for 45 weeks.

Students can undertake these industry placement hours as a block, weekly day release or a mix of these to suit the employer they are placed with. The placement can even be shared between employers if one business cannot offer enough hours to fulfil the requirement.

Businesses who provide industry placements will be fully supported by their personal Barnsley College Industry Placement Co-ordinator throughout the process, from sign up to completion and beyond.

Industry placements cost nothing but a business’ time, but can benefit the business in many ways.

Find out how an industry placement can help you or your child

If you are a parent or student who wants to find out how an industry placement can help visit our How will an industry placement can help you page.


Last updated: 18th April 2024

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