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English and Maths (inc, ESOL)

Study programmes in English and Maths (inc. ESOL)

Apprenticeships in English and Maths (inc. ESOL)

We don't currently offer apprenticeships in this subject. Why not take a look at our Apprenticeship Department page to see everything that we do offer?

Reasons to join us at Barnsley College

  1. We have students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds. A total of 36 different languages are spoken by our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students.

  2. We also offer a Level 3 Core maths qualification designed for students who have already achieved a grade 4/C in GCSE maths and would like to study maths further.

  3. With our ESOL course you will study English and maths and you will also get the chance to study different subjects within College to help you decide on future study or career choices.

  4. Functional Skills courses in Maths and English are free to everyone.

  5. The free Functional Skills courses are offered from Entry Level to Level 2 where you will develop essential skills and knowledge in a range of topics including spelling, form filling, note writing, interpreting numbers and dealing with money.

  6. The English, Maths and ESOL department is based in our Old Mill Lane campus. Visit our Campus page to explore our state-of-the-art facilities and take a 360 tour.

All students have access to:

Did you know?

Over 30 different languages are spoken by our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students.

Overhead shot of a desk with text books and dictionary.

What next?

See the ESOL pathways to find out what study programmes we offer.

A programme of study in Essential Skills can help you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to progress onto further study. By gaining further qualifications you are on the path to your chosen career.

Use our online careers tool, Career Coach, to find out what your next steps could be.

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