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English and Maths (inc. ESOL)

Maths (Core Maths) Level 3 Part-Time

In Brief

Start Date / Duration

This course starts in September 2024. Dates and times to be confirmed but lessons are usually for once a week for one and half hours.

Entry requirements

  • Learners need to be aged 19+
  • You need to have already achieved GCSE Maths Grade 4 or Grade C

You will achieve

You will achieve Level 3 Mathematical Studies (Core Maths).  (AQA)

Course overview

Core Maths could be for you if you are planning a career in business, social sciences or humanities but haven’t chosen Mathematics A Level and have at least grade 4 (grade C) or above in GCSE Maths.

Core Maths is a Level 3 qualification, with the same number of UCAS points as an AS Level. It is designed for students who want to keep up their valuable maths skills, but are not planning to take A Level Mathematics.

The course has been designed to maintain and develop real-life maths skills. What you study is not purely theoretical or abstract; it can be applied on a day-to-day basis in work, study or life and most courses will include a financial maths element.

The skills developed in the study of mathematics are increasingly important in the workplace and in higher education; studying Core Maths will help you keep up these essential skills. Most students who study maths after GCSE improve their career choices and increase their earning potential.

Course content

Mathematics is, inherently, a sequential subject. There is a progression of material through all levels at which the subject is studied. It is assumed that students will already have confidence and competence in the content presented in standard type within the GCSE mathematics criteria. Students will make use of elements of this content when addressing problems within this Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies specification but this is not explicitly set out in subject content. This Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies specification aims to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills established in GCSE mathematics.

Compulsory content: A broad specification which develops statistics, in particular critically analysing data, from GCSE and percentages work in terms of personal finance.  New processes are also introduced, including a big emphasis on estimation in real life contexts.

One of the three options below:

Statistical Techniques: This module moves onto higher level statistics including modelling real life data, making predictions and carrying out hypothesis tests, the normal distribution as well as correlation and regression.

Critical path and risk analysis: A key skill to have in the business world, critical path and risk analysis focuses strongly on managing projects and clearly identifying the quickest and cheapest ways of completing tasks, which order to complete these tasks in whilst also considering any risk factors throughout.

Graphical Techniques: This includes a wide variety of graphs from exponential graphs to speed-distance-time graphs, with particular focus on rates of change. This module is key for plotting and interpreting graphs in real life contexts, to find approximate solutions to problems.

The course assessment takes the form of two formal written exams sat at the end of the year.

Casio Calculator:


Although Core Maths is a relatively new course, already universities and employers, from all different sectors, are firmly behind the Core Maths qualification.

How much does the course cost?

The course fee is free if you do not hold a Level 3 qualification (Adults). If you do hold a Level 3, it is £724. There is an advanced learner loan available to help you cover this cost. The Skills for Jobs waiver for unemployed learners and the Level 3 entitlement for learners aged 19-23 is also available to help you.

Extra information

For further information please contact our friendly Information Team on +44 (0)1226 216 123 or email info@barnsley.ac.uk

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Please note we reserve the right to change details without notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Maths (Core Maths) Level 3 Part-Time

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