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Safeguarding and Prevent

Working together to keep students safe.

Safeguarding is about doing everything we can to make sure all of our students, staff and the wider College community are kept safe and protected from harm. This encompasses harm happening within the family setting or harm happening outside of the family, which is called extra familial harm or contextual safeguarding. It also includes face to face as well as online harm.

The government provides statutory guidance to colleges on what they need to do to achieve this. We adhere to all guidance and pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make College a safe, happy and thriving environment for all. It is important to us that all College users are treated with respect and dignity and feel safe and listened to.

Barnsley College has the skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with a range of safeguarding incidents.


Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership and Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board

More information about Safeguarding for children, young people, adults, parents, carers, College staff and other professionals, can be found on the Barnsley Safeguarding Children Partnership webpage and Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board webpage. 


Find out more about each element of our safeguarding provision by interacting with the icons below.

For more information, or to report a safeguarding concern, contact the Safeguarding Team: 01226 216 142

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