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Ready Resources

Use the resources and links below to boost your core academic skills:


Exams are just around the corner and we know it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to revision.  There are a multitude of resources available on this topic but the Library have done our research and compiled the booklet and exercises below:

What kind of learner are you?  Take this quick quiz : What type of learner are you? (arden.ac.uk)

Hull University have some great tips on improving your memory: Hull Revision Tips

Need more help?

Researching and Referencing

Using a variety of academic resources will greatly improve your knowledge and credibility in an assignment, but how to find the most reliable and accurate information?  The Library has a vast array of FREE resources available for you to use 24/7.  Use the links, guides and resources below to start researching like a true professional.

Quick Links:

More detailed information on referencing and academic writing is available on the Study Skills pages.

Last updated: 21st November 2023

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