Smoking Cessation

Want to stop smoking? We can help! We offer both in-house services and external services to help you on your journey to stop smoking and start repairing.

Barnsley Stop Smoking Service

Barnsley Stop Smoking Service offer free and friendly support for anyone who wishes to quit smoking. They offer virtual and telephone appointments to support you on your journey to quit. You can self-refer and book using the link above or you can visit us in the Health and Wellbeing Centre where we’ll be able to support you through the booking process.

Health and Wellbeing Centre Stop Smoking Service

We offer in-house stop smoking support at College which is available online or face-to-face. This service is available to students and staff who are registered at a Barnsley GP. This 12-week programme delivers free nicotine replacement therapy.

You can contact 01226 216 233 to book an appointment, alternatively complete this form and we will call you back to arrange an appointment.

What happens to your body when you stop smoking