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Q&A with Students’ Union Executive Committee President

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We caught up with Aquaria Parkinson, Students’ Union (SU) Executive Committee President and Student Voice Course Representative for Level 3 Music Performance, to ask her the questions that have been on everybody’s lips…

Why did you choose to come to Barnsley College?

“I knew I wanted to study Music after I finished school and Barnsley College has remarkable facilities such as The Electric Theatre, with Barnsley town centre having a great music scene allowing me to find gigs, play to an audience and gain experience. My father also encouraged me to come to this College, as he said it was one of the best in the country with an Outstanding Ofsted rating, which pushed me even more to attend here.”


What attracted you to the role of SU President?

“I have always wanted to be part of the Students’ Union. When the applications opened, I was instantly drawn to the role of President as it is such an important and impactful role. I wanted to be in a role leading an incredibly unique and passionate team who all have the same aim – making the College a better place for students!”


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their journey at Barnsley College, whether they’re studying a vocational course, A Levels, apprenticeship, T Level (Technical Qualification) or a Higher Education course?

“First off, I’d say “Welcome”. My biggest piece of advice would be don’t let your target grade be your limit. It’s easy to reach your target grade and stop there, however, you’ve got to remember the people sitting in your lessons may be your friends, but at one point you may be competing for jobs; and if it comes down to the wire, your final grade could be the deciding factor. So in short, always aim higher and try your best!”


You are also the Further Education (FE) Governor, what’s your experience of this role?

“As FE Governor, I wish to make a positive contribution to the education of students of all ages. I committed to lots of staffing roles in the College’s communities online, where we would be overseeing the groups as well as conducting interviews getting feedback from other students, and ultimately governing how the community operated where our decisions were felt in real time.”


What is your main goal this year as Students’ Union President?

“When speaking to other students, I have found they don’t always know what the Students’ Union is and the opportunities it can provide to shape their learning experience. So, my main focus this year is getting the Students’ Union known to each and every College student. With only 365 days as President on the Students’ Union Executive Committee, it’s going to be hard, but I fully believe that with the other members of the committee and help from other students, we can achieve this! We have lots of activities planned, so watch this space!”

Can you tell us more about your role as Student Voice Course Representative?

“I am Student Voice Course Representative for my course, Level 3 Music Performance and Production. I really enjoy it! Each month I have a meeting with the Head of Creative and Performing Arts to discuss what is happening in my course, receive an update from the previous meeting on matters that students are concerned about.”.


Think you could be the next Students’ Union Executive Committee President? Contact Student Voice Advisor, Sasha Foyster, on Teams or via email s.foyster@barnsley.ac.uk for more information on when applications open.

Last updated: 13th September 2023

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