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Student Sustainability Fund

We are encouraging applications to our Student Sustainability Fund! The aim of the fund is to support student-led projects which meet the aims of our Sustainability Strategy. Students are able to apply for a sum of £10 to £1,000 to support their projects. 


Barnsley College’s Sustainability Ambitions 

Through the creation and delivery of the Sustainability Strategy, we will build on the College’s existing sustainability efforts and focus our plans. The Sustainability Strategy follows a whole College approach and with that, we will work to have every staff member and student understanding sustainability. 

We have a duty to equip our learners with the tools and skills to face sustainability challenges. In the wake of the UK government’s ambitious commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions, we have an opportunity to embed sustainable learning and values throughout the College and the wider community. 


The programme and how to apply 

This programme will give students a direct opportunity to contribute to the College’s sustainability journey. Students will be invited to write an application including how they believe their project idea will influence the College’s sustainability strategy and which Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) their project idea will meet. Students can seek advice for their applications from their teachers or the Sustainability Team and feedback will be provided to any applicants who are unsuccessful. 

Interested students can complete an application form which can be accessed by contacting the Sustainability Team at sustainability@barnsley.ac.uk

Please be aware that a department can only apply for up to a maximum of £1000 each academic year. For example, 10 student projects each asking for £100, two allocated £500, or £1000 for one student group.  

Judging will be dependent on whether the application meets the criteria and the departments sustainability fund allocation status. It is recommended that the student project group confirm with their Head of Department if there is any allocated funding available. If a department has reached its limit but the application is accepted, considerations will be made or the project will be given priority the following academic year.  


Please browse our Sustainability Strategy to find out more about our goals as a college: 

sustainability strategy booklet

Last updated: 21st May 2024

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