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Bond Bryan launch academy at College

Bond Bryan’s academy launch with David Akeroyd, Alice Brookes, Jack De Graaf, Helen Weatherston and Matt Hutton (left to right).

Bond Bryan have officially launched their academy at the College. Located in The CUBE, College’s construction-focused centre housing innovative and inspiring work areas with industry-led equipment, the academy hopes to support students who are studying a range of construction trades. Bond Bryan are an architectural company who have built their reputation for the design and delivery of high-quality projects in both the private and public sector for over 30 years.

Their partnership with the College hopes to include the delivery of workshops and meetings with industry experts as well as site visits for students whilst having access to the range of construction trades, including brickwork, wall and floor tiling, plumbing, plastering, joinery, painting and decorating and technician studies. Bond Bryan pride themselves in creating places where people can gather, learn, make, and create, making the academy a great opportunity for their company and College students.

Matt Hutton, CEO of Bond Bryan, said: “This is just the start of the journey for us, it’s not just some branding in a room.  It’s about creating a pathway into the industry, beyond architecture. I am not from a typical architectural background, so I thought this was our opportunity to do something different for students, and staff to show different pathways to get into that side of the industry and not see it as a closed off sector.

“There’re so many opportunities in the built environment quite like here in the CUBE as well as the digital aspects of what we do. I just wanted to use this as a platform for all of us to generate interest in the industry.”

Barnsley College has a dedicated Business Development team who aim to help businesses identify and develop the best people, at the right level, with the right experience for their organisation. Karl Garrity, account manager for the Business Development team has been the main support and help in the creation of the Bond Bryan academy. The College have a range of apprenticeships and professional training solutions that can be tailored to your exact requirements and will support your organisation to be productive and profitable.

Helen Weatherston, Director of Business Development at Barnsley College, added: “It’s a really great opportunity to be working in partnership with Bond Bryan and the opening of their academy in The CUBE. This will not only support and develop our curriculum offer, but give our students a great advantage to be inspired and be part of some of the great learning opportunities that will arise from this relationship”


Last updated: 30th May 2022

Originally posted on: 8th April 2022

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