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Business students published in Barnsley Chronicle

Photograph: R-L Business students, (Joshua Lees, Rowan Jukes, Yosif Mandadzhiev, Florin Lungu and Milena Rosziewska)

Our Level 2 English GCSE and Business and Management students have had their writing tasks published in the Your Views’ section of the Barnsley Chronicle.

The ‘Your Views’ feature welcomes letters on local interest. The students wrote on a range of topics which included spending habits, homelessness and women’s safety.

Originally assigned as a task from their tutor, Robert Walpole, he encouraged them to write.

GCSE English tutor, Robert Walpole, said: “As part of the GCSE English exams, students are asked to write either a letter or an article. I wanted the students to write on a topic they are passionate about, so I engaged the Barnsley Chronicle who suggested the students write letters for their Your Views page.

“I went through some of the most recent papers with students and asked them to pick an article that resonated with them and write a response to it.

“The student’s opinionated essays vocalise social issues that affect Barnsley and the wider community. They all backed that they would like to see change in the issues raised and its fantastic to see the students work being published in the town’s newspaper.

Yosif Mandadzhiev, also a Business T Level student, wrote the article titled: ‘Why we need to support beggars – not punish them’. Yosif said: “The punishment of the Barnsley homeless is unfair. I wanted to spread awareness to bring justice to beggars and create awareness amongst homeless shelters.”

Milena Rosziewska, wrote the article titled: ‘Lack of action to protect young women terrifies and angers me’.

Milena commented: “I wrote this article after reading about a girl who had been assaulted. I thought about other girls’ experiences and I wanted to create awareness about it happening to more than one girl.”

On getting published, she added: “It felt good and I hope someone reads it and takes action.”

Florin Lungu, wrote the article titled ‘Spending priorities are not right’ stated it “felt really nice” to be published.


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Last updated: 28th March 2024

Originally posted on: 28th March 2024

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