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Learning for Living and Work

Learning for Living and Work: Complex Needs and Sensory Full-Time

In Brief

Start Date / Duration

This course commences in September.

Entry requirements

  • You will need to have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)  
  • ‘High Needs’ funding for your support agreed by your local authority
  • Attend an interview with a staff member  
  • Attend taster/transition sessions in the department to help you settle in before you start 
  • You must be aged between 16-24 years old  

You will achieve

  • An accredited qualification, depending on your aims and aspirations 
  • Your personal targets 
  • Increased confidence, independence and social skills and of course, make new friends! 

Course overview

The Department of Learning for Living and Work is a specialist department in the College, for students with additional and complex learning needs. 

Each student will follow a highly personalised curriculum, individual learning plan, work at an appropriate yet challenging level of Maths and/or English and enjoy learning about a number of topics in our weekly tutorial programme 

Students are grouped with peers who are working at a similar ability and in most cases, classes have no more than nine students in. Support workers are on hand to support and develop maths, English, reading and writing skills, encourage and promote participation in groups, allow students to work independently but also provide support to break down tasks where necessary. Staff are highly skilled and trained to support, stretch and challenge students in order for them to achieve their long term aspirations. Staff also provide support where students may need extra assistance such as feeding, personal care and way finding.  

Course content

This course is for those with complex additional needs.

Curriculum areas include:

  • Domestic skills
  • Contexts for communication
  • Sensory curriculum
  • Community participation
  • Creative
  • Using technology
  • Emerging early Maths and English skills
  • Enterprise
  • Enrichment
  • Looking after yourself and wellbeing
  • Personal social development

Progression possibilities:

  • Further study 
  • Supported living 
  • Community participation
  • Day activities 
  • Volunteering 
  • Accessing a personal budget

You will : 

  • Develop your domestic and everyday living skills 
  • Agree, set and achieve personal targets  
  • Develop your Maths and English skills at a level that is right for you 
  • Take part in accessing the community 
  • Develop your enterprise skills in workshop sessions 
  • Enjoy fun activities during ‘enrichment’ sessions 
  • Take part in volunteering activities 
  • Expand your IT skills using technology to learn 
  • Take part in art, music and drama sessions 
  • Participate in Tutorial sessions such as; healthy living, friendships/relationships, online safety and many more! 

Assessment will be throughout the year.

We will discuss this with you, but in most cases we will provide everything you will need .

Progression possibilities: 
• Further study 
• Supported living 
• Community participation 
• Day activities 
• Volunteering 
• Accessing a personal budget 

How much does the course cost?

Learning for Living and Work: Complex Needs and Sensory Full-Time

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