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Prepare for take-off with our Drone Operator License Course

If you want to take your career to a new high, then why not enrol on our CAA-Approved Drone Operator Licence course?

This exciting course will teach you the rules and regulations that drone operators must follow, including Air Law and Responsibilities, Metrology and Operating Procedures and more.

We caught up with one of our alumni, Daniel Wright, to find out about his experience studying the course:

Danny Wright

College course: CAA-Approved Drone Operator Licence

Now: Digital and Creative Industries Course Leader, Barnsley College

“The course was very interesting, very hands-on and provided a great insight to a new area of technology that is making its way across industries in the UK. I learnt a lot about the laws and rules of flying as well as gaining hands-on experience of flying a drone and and practicing different manoeuvres.

“It has allowed me to apply my skills in other areas of my industry, such as photography and filming , and to teach others the rules and guidance around using drones as part of their work.”

What was your favourite part of the course?

“My favourite part of the drone course was learning about the different ways in which the drone can be flown and how easy it actually is to control. There are a lot of features embedded into the drone and controller that help fly it.”

What have you learnt from the course that you can use going forward?

“I’ve learnt so much and now I’ve got my Drone Operator licence and my theory certificate for safer flying. I can now confidently fly a drone. By having this skill, I’ve been able to apply it in my photography and filming business meaning I can now provide my clients with new services.

What was the support like?

“The external company that provided the training alongside the college were extremely useful and very friendly towards supporting my training. They helped with the online e-learning modules and prepared me for the theory practical tests with lots of support and useful guidance and tips.”

Would you recommend the course?

“Absolutely! I’d recommend the course to anyone wanting to expand their skillset into a growing industry.

 To find out more and apply, visit the Construction departmental page.  You can also contact our Information Unit by calling 01226 216 123 or emailing info@barnsley.ac.uk to find out which pathway is right for you.





Last updated: 25th March 2024

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