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800 students trained as part of Carbon Literacy Week!

Mags Alderson with a banana sustainability game in the atrium at the Old Mill Lane campus.

After kicking off last week with Carbon Literacy Action Day, we stretched our college-wide sustainability activities and training initiative out throughout the week, and trained more than 800 students and staff in Carbon Literacy.  

As well as carrying out the mass training, the week included various student activities around prevention of food waste, sustainable Christmas crafting, carbon footprint knowledge, vegan catering practice and a Climate Café. 

Mags Alderson with a banana sustainability game in the atrium at the Old Mill Lane campus.

This year has seen the College make huge strides in sustainability progress, a highlight being our successful application to be one of only six schools in the UK to participate in the government’s Environment and Climate Change Electric Vehicles Inquiry youth programme.  

Level 2 and 3 catering students who prepared a vegan buffet as part of Carbon Literacy Week.

This gives our students’ voices the chance to be heard in Parliament on the electric vehicles inquiry, which was launched in August to understand how the Government will achieve its target of decarbonising cars and vans in the UK, and the barriers to doing so. 

Our Sustainability Officer, Sasha Beswick, said: “I’m extremely proud of the amount of our students and staff who are now trained in Carbon Literacy, and for the improvements we have made within the past year from a sustainability point of view.

“Our Carbon Literacy Week was a huge success, and we look forward to making even more strides in our sustainability journey as a college.”

The Barnsley Hospice Swap Shop at Old Mill Lane. The vegan buffet prepared as part of Carbon Literacy Week.

Last updated: 11th December 2023

Originally posted on: 11th December 2023

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