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Autonomy, empowerment and accountability:

What it means for our staff:


-Do you want to have autonomy on how to carry out your role and have

the greatest impact possible? We will ensure that you have input into how things are done, and trust you to deliver.


-Do you want to be supported to take risks and identify any areas for improvement?

We will support your ideas and encourage new ways of working.


-Do you want to have clear objectives, lines of responsibility and control

over how these are delivered? You will identify and drive your objectives,

we will support you to achieve these.


-Do you want to have confidence to challenge others to drive improvements? We will encourage you to

challenge any area where you feel improvements can be made, and support you in identifying these.



If you want to join the Barnsley College team and find a role that’s perfect for you, please visit our current vacancies page.

Having issues?

Email us at recruitment@barnsley.ac.uk

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