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Barnsley College announces series of new partnership academies

A group of people attending an academy launch event at Barnsley College

Local and international businesses from the technology, leisure and logistics sectors comprise the latest additions to Barnsley College’s growing range of ‘academy’ partnerships.

The number of academies has now expanded to 16, with more partnerships in areas including sport, construction and business due to be announced soon – as the College continues to upskill and develop the workforce for the future.

The College has partnered with Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) – a charitable trust which operates health, fitness and leisure facilities – electronics firm Fujitsu, and automotive parts supplier Universal Components for its latest academies.

These employer-led academies give students access to the best education and training opportunities. Curriculums are co-developed and co-delivered to offer real-world experience, alongside qualifications and teaching delivered in branded facilities.

Both Barnsley College and BPL, as two of the borough’s biggest anchor organisations, are represented on the Barnsley 2030 Board – providing key direction and insight into how to ensure people in Barnsley have access to the best opportunities to improve their wellbeing, employment prospects, skills and experiences by 2030.

The Fujitsu Academy is housed in the recently opened Sci-Tech and Business Centre as part of the College’s commitment to fostering technological innovation and providing start-up businesses with equipment required for the future.

It continues the College’s work with Fujitsu as one of the firm’s technology ambassadors, with Fujitsu equipment used in the sports village and sixth form centre.

Universal Components will provide support to Barnsley College’s business department, giving industry-leading facilities, advice, and insight into the world of work for students.

David Akeroyd, Barnsley College Principal and CEO, said: “Our academies are really integral to the place that we think that we hold within the business community but probably even more within the community of Barnsley.

“We hand-pick the organisations that we want to work with – it’s not a commercial partnership, it’s a values and vision-based partnership.

“We look for partners who share our vision and values and want to work with those who support the development of the future workforce and people of Barnsley.

“What’s really important about the partnership with BPL is the vision we both share around a healthier, wealthier and happier community.

“Similarly, working together with Fujitsu we can really invigorate and inspire the next generation of young people who want to enter digital industries, whereas the Universal Components academy is all about how we can help them to inspire talent and get young people to want to work in an industry like theirs.

“I know that we will do some great things together with our partners as we move forward and involve employers to create a better Barnsley for the benefit of the community.”

Rick Lewis, Managing Director at Universal Components, added: “It’s all about how we can inspire and provide a pathway for a student into a career.

“The purpose of the academy is about more than just getting talent into our business or any financial aspect: it’s to show our commitment to the development of our staff, which is something we’re truly passionate about.

“Our staff are key to everything we do. We look forward to welcoming Barnsley College students to learn more about what we do and our industry.”

Last updated: 3rd November 2023

Originally posted on: 3rd November 2023

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