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Barnsley College contributes to new carbon literacy course

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Barnsley College and ITS have contributed to a new Carbon Literacy Training course which will give local businesses the knowledge and tools to become more sustainable for the future.

Developed by Barnsley Council and the Positive Climate Partnership’s Task and Finish Group – which features the College and ITS alongside Enzygo, Enterprising Barnsley and South Yorkshire Climate Alliance – the course offers a comprehensive understanding of causes and impacts of climate change.

It also delves into carbon footprints, positive actions and real-life case studies of organisations who have already made progress on their net-zero carbon ambition, equipping attendees with the support to implement their own net-zero strategies.

ITS will be delivering the course as part of the council’s Advancing Digital Funding. The toolkit creation has been kindly jointly funded by Enzygo and ITS.

Barnsley College’s involvement continues our commitment to sustainability which has seen us introduce new Green Skills courses, implement more environmentally-friendly course guides, and host a sustainable fashion exchange.

Sasha Beswick, Barnsley College’s Sustainability Officer, said: “Carbon Literacy has truly flourished at Barnsley College, equipping our staff with the knowledge, tools and motivation to reduce carbon emissions.

“Creating the Task and Finish group as part of the PCP has helped us take climate education out of the College and into the wider community, contributing to our vision of transforming lives.

“I am very proud of all the work we’ve contributed towards this important initiative, and I look forward to seeing this in practice all over Barnsley.”

Read more and sign up for the course.




Last updated: 3rd November 2023

Originally posted on: 3rd November 2023

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