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Barnsley Sixth Form College

Barnsley Sixth Form College

General enquiries

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St Mary's Place
S70 2SR

The new Barnsley Sixth Form College campus on St Mary’s Place opened in January 2016 and offers a first-class learning environment for A Level students from South Yorkshire and beyond.

The campus houses all of the College’s A Level provision and features classrooms, learning zones, an outdoor space for art students and a rooftop garden.

See our video below for a taste of Sixth Form life.

Watch our 360 tour to see our amazing facilities (below) – just use your mouse arrows to move around each location. To view the 360 video on a mobile device, you must view it on the YouTube app rather than online. This can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Visit the Barnsley Sixth Form College website for more information about studying A Levels with us.

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