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College opens children’s minds to the world of work

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Our College’s Business Development staff visited Redscope Primary School in Rotherham take part in the school’s industry week, teaching children about the variety of careers on offer to them.

The College partnered with the school to broaden the minds of the children to the world of work. Pupils learnt about different areas of work such as Business, Computing, Construction, Childcare, Engineering, Esports and Games Design. Participating in hands-on activities related to each industry such as building bird houses, creating their own superheroes, making their own playdough, and engineering marshmallow structures, pupils also learnt skills such as teamwork, listening and leadership.

Richard Pye, Recruitment Manager, Business Development said “What a couple of amazing days! Fantastic all round from the pupils, teachers, and our staff who all enjoyed the experience. Having the ability to showcase what we do as a College in a local primary school by offering small tasters of each curriculum area was truly memorable.

The feedback from the teachers and the Headteacher was really positive, and it created a great buzz around the school. I was proud to represent Barnsley College, hopefully this visit creates a link between the College and this school for future activities and events that feed the minds of the younger generation.”

“For our students it is about fuelling their ambition for the future … by showing them possibilities that they may not have considered.”

The College has started making plans on how to continue the partnership with Redscope Primary school to help equip children with the skills for their future opportunities.

Alison Bradbury, Headteacher at Redscope Primary school, said: “For our students it is about fuelling their ambition for the future and helping them to understand what is out there by showing them possibilities that they may not have considered. Seeing role models from the College and knowing that peers from the Kimberworth park area have been successful, shows that it’s achievable for everybody.

“We as a school have been reflecting on how lockdown affected our students, so we are now focusing on broadening their experience with the world of work and their future opportunities, making it a priority that they know they have access too. There have been so many positive comments around the school regarding the industry week and the encouraging outcome it has given the children.”

For more information about any of the courses on offer, contact the Business Development team on 01226 216 166 or email: employer@barnsley.ac.uk

Last updated: 22nd June 2022

Originally posted on: 22nd June 2022

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