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College student sets his sights on Spain

Barnsley College Horticulture student, Finlay Green.

Our Horticulture student, Finlay Green, is preparing to travel to Spain to further his skills in the industry with the support of College’s Enterprising Futures Fund (BCEF), a fund that provides grants to students to pay for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.


The grant, totalling over £1,000, will enable Finlay to go the Marimuntra Botánico Jardíns, Blanes, Spain, a botanical garden featuring exotic plants from around the world.


Located in Costa Brava, Marimuntra Botánico Jardíns has been described as one of the most beautiful gardens on the Mediterranean. At the top of steep cliffs running along the sea, it has some of the most spectacular panoramic views over the coastline, more than 4,000 plant species and several specimens that are extraordinary because of their age or size.


Finlay hopes that seizing this opportunity will allow him to further his skills, knowledge and interests in horticulture, enabling him to offer a wider range of services through his landscaping business, All Seasons.


Finlay said: “I really hope this opportunity will allow me to develop as a landscape professional and improve my future prospects, as it will add to my current gardening experience and widen my knowledge in the subject. I can’t wait to use my newfound knowledge in my own business.


“I found out about BCEF through a Connect lesson at College and would absolutely recommend applying to others. It’s allowed me to pursue a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I otherwise may not have been able to achieve.”


Finlay is looking forward to completing his course and continuing to commit more time to All Seasons, putting what he learns about temperate and exotic plants during his time in Spain into his business, ensuring he can help clients with all their gardening needs.


Finlay’s business, created with fellow Horticulture student Jonathan Carter, is continuing to grow as they are fast approaching 200 customers with regular appointments. Finlay added: “Business is going great! We’re really looking forward to starting the spring clean-ups!”


Our BCEF programme is run by the Enterprise department who encourage and support students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and talents outside of their studies. The department offers opportunities for students to improve their communication, teamwork, problem solving and creativity skills and provides support to those who are setting up a business.


Lee Perks, Enterprise Team Leader at College, said: “We are so proud of Finlay for finding this opportunity and showing courage to travel alone to further his prospects in the industry. Barnsley College is committed to transforming the lives of students, staff and communities and we will continue to support Finlay throughout his journey.”

Last updated: 15th March 2022

Originally posted on: 15th March 2022

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