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The Crucible

About the event

The Electric Theatre presents The Crucible by Arthur Miller performed by students studying Acting for Touring Theatre at University Campus Barnsley (Part of Barnsley College).

Written in the 1950s when the insidious fear of communism gripped America, The Crucible is a devastating portrayal of the human cost of tyranny and vengeance.

Betty Parris lies in a trance after a childish game spins out of control, and accusations of witchcraft are quickly manipulated by those with something to gain.  However, when false allegations reach fever pitch, the devout community of Salem descends into a cauldron of hysteria it can never return from.

If you would like to book tickets for any of these performances, please follow the links to the booking page. The performances run from Tuesday 13 November to Thursday 15 November.

Tuesday 13 November at 2.00pm

Tuesday 13 November at 7.00pm

Wednesday 14 November at 2.00pm

Wednesday 14 November at 7.00pm

Thursday 15 November at 2.00pm

Thursday 15 November at 7.00pm


The Electric Theatre, Falcon Street, Barnsley, S70 2FY

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