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Fashion students create a stitch in time

Fashion Students at Cannon Hall

Fashion students’ creations will be exhibited alongside costumes from Hollywood period classics such as The Duchess and The Danish Girl at Cannon Hall Museum, as part of their ‘Costume from the Classics’ exhibition.

Level 3 Fashion students have collaborated with Cannon Hall Museum on an exciting live project, contributing to the museum’s current exhibition ‘Costumes from the Classics’. The exhibition draws inspiration from John Spencer’s library at Cannon Hall, with ten costumes originally designed for film adaptations of classic novels, being showcased throughout the estate.

The first-year fashion students were tasked with creating their own costume pieces, inspired by both the exhibition and the collections at Cannon Hall Museum, adding a unique and contemporary touch to the historical theme.

The students had two weeks to design and create their pieces ahead of the launch of the exhibition on 24 May. Each piece was reviewed by Cosprop, a prominent UK costumier who provided the costume for the exhibit, with three dresses being selected to sit alongside those from the silver screen. You can see these students dresses, along with dress worn by Keira Knightley in The Duchess at Cannon Hall until 15 September.

Madison Hinchcliffe with her winning costume 'Virdis'

Madison Hinchcliffe with her winning costume ‘Virdis’.

Last updated: 6th June 2024

Originally posted on: 30th May 2024

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