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Terms and Conditions

Funding issued to Barnsley College is governed by Education Skills and Funding Agency. Only essential funding can be issued to eligible Students.


Student Travel IconTravelling to and from College

Students will receive financial support based on the most cost efficient costs of travel to and from timetabled studies (including arranged placements). This includes the assumption that Students have applied for any concessionary passes available. For Students that driver to the College, funding will still be based on public transport costs. Any BACS payments will be made on a half termly basis and will be reviewed based on attendance below 90%. Any Students with an attendance below 50% will have their funding in it’s entirety suspended until a tutorial staff member has spoken to a member of the funding team.



In-kind support

Financial support can be awarded in many formats and does not automatically entitle a Student to bank payments. As part of ESFA guidance, any support issued to Students must be done so as in-kind support. Discretions can be made based on any consultation with Safeguarding or a Tutorial staff member.




Study programme essentials and timetables

Study departments are responsible for confirming to Student funding what specific kit’s are required. We recommend all Students wait until they have been advised by their study department what is deemed essential to ensure there prior knowledge what refunds can be issued.



Pen Icon

Student applications

All applications must be completed by the Student directly unless an EHCP is in place and the next of kin is completing an application on the Students behalf.





BACS Payments

Any agreed support claims that require BACS payments will be communicated with the Student directly via email. Any agreed funding will take up to 2 weeks to credit banks. Students applying for funding in Term 1 are likely to receive travel reimbursements from September/Start of the study course. Students that make full applications from Term 2 onwards will only receive reimbursements from the start of the half term they are eligible for support.



English, Maths and ESOL

Staff support

Student Services are available via email on Studentsupport@barnsley.ac.uk or in the Old Mill Lane campus. For additional staff support, please speak with your study departments tutorial team who can also contact Student Services on your behalf.




False claims

In the event of a Student application becoming a false claim, any planned funding will be halted upon further investigation. This includes not listing all individuals a Student lives with (Parents/Guardians/Partner) or incorrect bank details.



Evidence we accept icon


Students have a right to appeal any decision made from the application form that has been submitted. Please submit any appeal to us via this link to which a member of the funding team will be in touch with further information upon a re-assessment that can be made.


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