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Parent and Carer Information for Student Funding

Barnsley College receive funds from the Education Skills Funding Agency whom set clear guidelines as to how monies should be distributed towards Students. We recommend all parent and legal carers understand the awards and limitations to financial support we can provide. Below are some useful tips and informational resources for you to be aware of;


What is the Learner Support Fund?

The Learner Support Fund helps fund Students for essential costs such as travelling to and from College, eating while studying full days and receiving a contribution towards materials costs. Students that live in a low household income or meet the Enhanced Bursary criteria must make an application and provide proof of household income to be entitled to support.


Why do we require proof of household income?

We ask for Students household incomes to ensure we are prioritising financial support to those with financial barriers to studying. It Is mandatory for all Student applications to be accompanied with proof of household income. To see what household income evidence we ask for, please see our ‘Evidence’ page.


Concessionary passes available to Students?

We ask all Parents and Carers to ensure their Student has applied for any cheaper fare passes before starting College. Please visit our ‘Student travel’ page for more information.


My Student doesn’t have a bank account, can I use my details?

No. For safeguarding related reasons, we can only accept bank account details in the Students name only. This is to ensure Students are directly receiving financial support they apply for. If Students do not have a bank account set up, we recommend a full application is still made as awards can then be reserved for Students.

*If you are an appointee for your Student, please provide a document that confirms this and we will be in touch with further information.


How often does my Student receive bank payments?

When submitting an application, a Student will not be guaranteed any support via bank payments. Where possible, awards will be made in-kind. Please ask your Student to refer to their award email for when their payment schedules are. Alternatively please see our travel half termly calendar if your Student is in receipt of payments.


Emergency funding

It is of the responsibility of you as the Parent/Carer to ensure your Student has the appropriate arrangements in place to travel and eat while an application has not been made for financial support. However Students aged 16-18 can discretionary receive emergency funding for one day while waiting for their application to be completed. This can be with either emergency funding for food for dinner or an emergency travel pass to get home. Students must wait at least 10 working days for their application to be completed upon a full submission.


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