Students show their love for sustainability

group on people in front of metal wire hear in hi-vis jackets

Our T Level Plumbing Building Services Engineering and Carpentry and Joinery students have shown their support for The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign by repurposing materials into a sustainable heart. The students constructed the outer heart using spare copper pipe and carved excess wood into green hearts to hang from the pipe heart.

Throughout February, the heart will travel across College campuses with students getting involved by making a green origami heart from recycled paper and writing their sustainability pledge inside. The origami hearts will be tied to the pipe heart to form a green sustainability heart.

Students will also complete a post card to send to local MPs, focusing on their dreams for a greener and fairer world and their ideas about how it can happen. Each student who participates in the project, will be given heart-shaped seed paper which they can write their own personal reasoning for engaging with climate action, and they can plant it where they desire.

Dom Horn, Construction tutor, said: “The T Level course has a module on sustainability, so the Green Heart project has been a good way to open the students’ eyes to sustainability in the College.”

Current T Level Plumbing Building Services Engineering student, Robert Crawshaw, went onto say: “Building the heart was a good way to make use of the pipe and wood that would otherwise have been thrown away.”

Kayleigh Bell, Tutorial Learning Mentor in Construction, commented “The students involved have done an amazing job of creating a sustainable sculpture to represent our commitment to becoming more eco-friendly.”

Sasha Beswick, Sustainability Officer for the College said: “I’m so proud of everyone involved in this project. They’ve truly grasped the concept of embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and have used creative methods relevant to their studies create something everyone can engage with. Not only is this a great campaign which encompasses many different skillsets, but it also sets a good example of how sustainability can be presented in Further Education.”

The College is committed to embedding Education for Sustainable Development throughout the curriculum. Read our Sustainability Strategy to find out more about the positive steps we’re taking toward our sustainability goals.

Last updated: 16th February 2023

Originally posted on: 15th February 2023