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If you would like to learn something new, take a look at these podcasts, ted talks and external services!

June 2024

National Smile Month  - 13th May – 13th June

National Smile Month’s theme of the year is Love Your Smile. The smile is one of our best assets and that’s why it makes sense to give it the best care possible. By learning more about how to achieve a healthy mouth, we can keep our teeth for life while protecting ourselves from other diseases.

National Smile Month 2024 | Oral Health Foundation (dentalhealth.org)

Pride Month – June 2024

Pride month is an important opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate LGBTQIA+ identities. But for some of us, it can be a tough time that highlights feelings of shame or stigma, that we may face from within ourselves or from other people. Find out how to look after your mental health or support some elses.

Pride 2024 | Mind – Mind

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